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Welcome to Phakalane Golf Estate

Welcome to the website of Phakalane Homeowners Association Trust – the body elected annually by homeowners to administer the affairs of residents.

Phakalane Golf Estate is just 15 kilometres north of the busy city centre of Gaborone and is located together with Phakalane Golf Resort and Hotel on the original Phakalane farm. The Estate is administered by the Phakalane Home Owners Association Trust (PHOAT). Monthly levy payments ensure the efficient running of the Estate and are used to enhance the lifestyle of residents.

A list of rules and regulations governing conduct and behaviour of residents, visitors and contractors, can be found under HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION TRUST. Good neighbourliness is the cornerstone of estate living and our aim is for it to underpin the activities of everyone visiting or working on the Estate – to ensure that all residents enjoy the peaceful atmosphere at all times.

phakalane golf estate
Tel: 71 374 584 & 72 881 342
Estate Manager: 00267 71 336 811

We look forward to hearing from you!

phakalane golf estate

Phakalane Golf Hotel and Resort

The 18-hole golf course forms the core of the Estate but golf club membership must be taken out separately. Residents and their guests can make use of the clubhouse facilities, which include two restaurants. The golf course is traversed by pathways that allow you to walk, run or cycle while taking in the ever-changing seasonal birdlife and our winter warthog visitors – never forgetting that golfers always have right of way on the course.

Security is a modern day fact of life,but residents of the Estate can relax more than most knowing that there is controlled access to the Estate which is patrolled 24 hours a day. Security measures are constantly being reviewed and improved to ensure the continued safety of all residents.
phakalane golf estate
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